"...With the robust research and 
developing teams, SI also provides 
System Integration to Financial 
sector and Government agencies, 
as for software customization,
hardware and communication involved.

Systex Infopro Co., Ltd.(SI) was founded in 1990 by a group of executives from financial institutes and experienced computer scientists with 10 million bahts of registered and paid-up capital. In response to perceived needs for a genuinely professional systems and software development, SI commits to provide the most reliable and efficient technical tools in Securities Trading Business. With the robust research and developing teams, SI also provides System Integration to Financial sector and Government agencies, as for software customization, hardware and communication involved.

With a philosophy of offering a complete range of design, implement, support and consultant services, SI adheres to the highest industrial standards of system professionalism. Systex Infopro has been awarded by Ministry of Finance as a Class A registered consultant for the Financial Sector and Telecommunication Sector. A strict regime of ethical management and professional disciplines ensure that our clients receive all deliverable quality products, faithful customer support and reliable services.

  • Thai Nationality
  • Founded in 1990 by a group of Executives from Financial Institutes
  • 10 million Baht Registered / Paid up Capital
  • 49 Employees
  • Experienced Technical Staff
  • Strength in IT Business with continuity R/D team
  • Class A Consultant Company classified by the Ministry of Finance
  • Member of the Association of Thai Software Industry